Welcome to my website. I am a marriage and family therapist.
I treat a wide variety of relationship problems and issues including, healing from crisis, trauma or loss; navigating stressful transitions (job loss, new baby), struggling with prolonged multi-stress conditions (serious illness); and overcoming barriers to success (at-risk youth).
My clients are men and women in all phases of life. Cognitive insights, increased awareness, and attention to the person's intuitive wisdom guide the work. This collaborative strengths-based approach facilitates recovery and growth out of crisis and adversity by building relational lifelines and tapping into each person's or family's best potential. Many individuals I see are searching for meaningful relationships and others want to improve and repair the relationships they are in. I specialize in couples counseling, enhancing communication, deepening intimacy and adjusting to separation or divorce. I also work with single individuals who have experienced failed or unfulfilled relationship, yet, are desirous of establishing gratifying ones. In addition, my practice includes individuals and families who are dealing with the challenges of medical problems and illness.

M.S., Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University

Licensed Marriage and Family Psychologist #001603
Licensed Registered Nurse
Certified Clinical Specialist
Certified Court Appointed Mediator #10916F
AAMFT Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor

280 Madison Ave, Suite 208 @ 40th St. New York, N.Y. 10016 * 347-871-6670 * singer@familyconsultant.net